Coastal Voices
  • The Fisheries Reform Act
  • The Fisheries Reform Act: An Oral History Perspective
  • This collection includes interviews conducted in 2016 with individuals who played key roles in the development or implementation of the 1997 North Carolina Fisheries Reform Act legislation.
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  • Kinnakeet Adventure
  • Kinnakeet Adventure
  • The interviews in this collection were conducted with individuals who lived in Kinnakeet (Avon) village in the 1930s, when Stanley E. Green was principal and teacher at the village school. In 1971, Green wrote about his years living in Avon in a book called Kinnakeet Adventure.
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  • Port Light
  • Coastal Voices: Port Light
  • The collection contains oral history interviews that describe the maritime connections between Outer Banks communities and mainland ports when freight boats, fish buy-boats, mail boats, and private ferries were the primary mode of transportation. The Port Light project was funded by the National Maritime Heritage Grant program.
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  • Raising the Story
  • Raising the Story: Menhaden Fishing
  • In 2005, Beaufort Fisheries, the last menhaden "fish factory" in North Carolina, closed its doors. Many feared that the menhaden industry would be forgotten, as Beaufort Fisheries was torn down in favor of a new development and recreational marina. In 2009 Barbara Garrity-Blake led a collaborative project with industry members called "Raising the Story of Menhaden Fishing." Project participants worked together to "raise the story" just like crewmen have always worked together to raise the fish.
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  • Cape Lookout
  • Cape Lookout: The Connie Mason Collection
  • Folklorist Connie Mason recorded interviews of Carteret County residents in 2010 with connections to the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Most of the people she interviewed are residents and natives of the Down East region of the county.
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  • Coastal Voices
  • Coastal Voices: Linking Generations
  • The collection consists of interviews conducted with Hatteras and Ocracoke residents between 1978 and 2004. Outer Banks Community Foundation provided funds to digitize the interviews.
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  • Coastal Voices
  • Coastal Voices: Hatteras Collection
  • The collection consists of interviews conducted on Hatteras Island by local oral historians. The interviews capture the resiliency and resourcefulness of the island in stories about historic events and about everyday life.
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