Coastal Voices: Linking Generations
Ignatius "I.D." Midgett of Waves was one of the few men who did not serve in the Coast Guard, but served in the Army instead. He also worked the Swan Quarter/Ocracoke ferry and was reputed to be "the oldest commercial fisherman" in the Chicamacomico region, although at the time of the interview he was only 73. He fishes with his son, I.D., Jr. I.D. took us out to see his dory, and had a meandering backyard full of bushes, nets, pots, etc. His little harbor lay in the back, dug in the 1950s. It held a dock, an old shed, and three workboats. I.D. said he liked to just hang out down there in the afternoon breeze. It was obvious he spent a lot of time there — quite the working shanty.
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